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Brand Identity & Collateral

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Our brand identity and collateral package is perfect for you to take the first step toward beautifully designing the appearance of your business, providing you with the foundational elements that you need to revamp the visual style & direction of your brand. We’ll first work through your brand’s overall message, defining your target audience, & analyzing competitors or others in the industry before working through design concepts to create the perfect look for your brand.

investment: $800
timeline: 3-6 weeks

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Custom Website Design

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The website design package is ideal for the business that already has a strong brand identity & aesthetic that fits well, but just needs some help in bringing that to life in the form of a beautiful, dynamic new website. We start by outlining the structure of your site & defining the way the content is presented so that it is user-friendly & easy to navigate. We then work together to mock up each page’s design before development. 

investment: $950
timeline: 4-8 weeks

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Brand Identity & Custom Website Design

package 03

This is our most popular & highly recommended package, giving you everything you need to refresh your business from start to finish. This allows us to define your brand, create a strong identity, & take your company to the next level. We will work one-on-one to break down the elements of your business, understand your target market, & create a beautiful brand design & intuitive website that communicates your vision & attracts your ideal clients.

investment: $1500
timeline: 4-10 weeks

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A la Carte Design

If you are looking for additional marketing collateral for your brand or website, these smaller design projects might be what you need to enhance the visual experience of your brand. Please inquire for your custom quote based on your specific project needs.

ITEMS AVAILABLE: Business card design, Pinterest template, single-page PDF, multi-page PDF, newsletter design, notecards, letterhead design, social media branding, brochure design, packaging design. 

If you see something not on this list ask and we may be able to design it for you.

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