Monthly Font Favorites: Volume One

Like most designers, I have an affinity for buying and downloading an absurd amount of beautiful fonts. This means that I routinely rotate through my font collection and cling on to a few favorites every month. In this post, I’ll share my top five fonts of the month and share links on where you can snag them for yourself!

This post contains affiliate links where I earn a small commission if you choose to purchase with my link.


This pretty font is full of major Great Gatsby vibes and it’s only fitting since we’re in the roaring 20’s again, am I right? I love the art deco style of this font and that it’s an all caps font, it’s crisp lines aren’t too narrow or too thick so reading the font at small or large sizes is perfect.

Get Botanica for yourself: 

The Brywood

This font duo is perfect for when you want something with a classic look but also want a touch of fun with the handwritten script. The script even comes as an SVG font so you get even more of that rustic and unfinished handwritten look if you want. 

Get The Brywood Font Duo for yourself: 


Sundays is a pretty modern serif with minimal serifs and subtle curves, it is totally the perfect mix of modern and classic. It also pairs very easily with san serif fonts which makes designing with this font a walk in the park. 

Get Sundays for yourself: 

Danielle Harris

This typeface has a modern yet classy look and feel, I personally love the vintage vibe that it gives with the optional letter flourishes. I love to use this font in logos, headlines, and other branding materials. 

Get Danielle Harris for yourself: 

Bon Vivant

I’m sure you’ve seen this font all over lately and if you haven’t then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding! Bon Vivant is a beautiful luxury looking font duo with a beautiful serif and gorgeous script. 

Get the Bon Vivant Font Duo: 

Let me know what some of your font favorites have been and I’ll check them out for myself!