What is Branding & Why is it so Important?

First of all, what even is branding? The easiest way to think about what branding is is that your brand is your business/blog’s personality and vibe that it gives off.

There are a number of visual components that go into your brand such as your logo, color scheme, fonts, and website design. Then there are intangible components like your tone of voice and mission statement that also go into representing and conveying your business/blog’s brand. Both the visual and intangible components all go into creating your overall business/blog’s brand.

An advantage of having strong visual elements for your brand is that to some extent you have control over what your business/blog’s personality is.

So, your brand is your business’s personality. Why is that so important?

Why Should You Brand Your Business?

1. Quick Impact

It’s been said that you only have about 10 – 15 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. So the question here is, what can you do in 15 seconds and under to make sure those people stay? Basically, you need to visually communicate what your business is about and why that person should stay.

I say visually because the human brain has the ability to processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Given the short amount of time you have to communicate with your viewer, you can say a lot more in that time with images than with text.

This is why your branding is so important. It has to tell your visitor what you and your business/blog are all about before they ever reach your ‘About Page’.

First impressions do, unfortunately, tend to stick. If your visitor gets a negative impression of your website, that it’s badly designed or doesn’t look professional, then they are not likely to give it the benefit of the doubt and come back a second time.

2. People Do Judge a Book by its Cover

There are some fantastic writers out there who have loads of useful information. However, they don’t have a particularly good eye for design when it comes to their brand. So, their website might be less than appealing to visitors. If you have a well-designed and attractive site you will appear more professional.

With that being said, you can use this to your advantage. For example, I have come across a few people recently who had a lovely website and exceptionally cohesive branding and I assumed they had been in business for a while. Turns out they had only been running her blog for a few months.

While bad branding can hinder your efforts, the plus side to this is that good branding can lend you credibility when you are first starting out!

3. Intention

This point goes a little into why your chosen ‘niche’ is so important. Posting within your chosen niche is important because your readers will come to feel secure knowing what to expect from you on the topic. With your branding, you will be communicating a specific ethos. A key component of successful branding is consistency. By keeping up your clear focus in your branding, your audience will feel secure that you will be staying ‘on the topic’ and there won’t be any unsettling changes coming from your audience.

4. Familiarity

You probably have a blog you enjoy reading and recognize the branding of that blog if you see it. If you see a blog post on Pinterest and you recognize it has come from that same blogger you know and trust, you are more likely to click through onto it, right? The key point here is you are familiar with their brand.

In order for your audience to begin recognizing your brand, you need to keep it consistent and frequently in their minds. The same style of images, the same colors, over and over again until readers begin to associate you (and your wonderful content) with those, particular graphics.

5. Standing Out

It is almost certain that there are many other blogs that exist in the same niche of yours. However, if you have a strong, branded presence that differentiates yourself from all the other blogs in your niche, then you are going to stand out to your target audience.


A cohesive and professional brand will allow you to stand out in the minds of your readers. Not only will it encourage them to stay on your site, but when they see your brand again, they are more likely to click through and visit again. From a business perspective, the trust and loyalty of your readership can lead to increased visibility in your marketing, increased brand engagement and ultimately, sales!