10 Days of Design – Pais & Haze Brand Challenge

On February 20th I took part in the Pais and Haze design challenge, a creative design challenge where for 10 business days you would design a fictitious brand and identity to go with it. For me, this was something I had never done before since most of my work is all client-focused, going out of my element and designing in a sense whatever I wanted was really fun! I was also able to work my existing skillset and push myself to try new things. 

My creative process looked something like this: thinking about a type of business I would like to design for, then going on either Pinterest or Unsplash and sourcing images to create a mood board from. From there I created a color palette that corresponded with the vibe and direction I wanted that brand to take on. Once I solidified the mood board and color palette, I got into the fun part and designed the main logo, then an alternate, and brand mark. For some of the brands, I went the extra mile and really pushed myself creatively and created custom illustrations and patterns. 

Take a look at how the 10 brands came out below and if you want you can browse through the hashtag #phbrandchallenge on Instagram to see all the other brands that were created during the challenge. 

Day 1

BRAND ⌇ Casa Romantica

INDUSTRY ⌇ Wedding venue & garden

CONCEPT ⌇ A modern romantic wedding location with Spanish architecture that overlooks the ocean.

Day 2

BRAND ⌇ Tres Amigas

INDUSTRY ⌇ Restaurant

CONCEPT ⌇Mexican restaurant, owned and operated by 3 friends

TAGLINE ⌇”From our casa to yours”

Day 3

BRAND ⌇ Pura Terra Clean Beauty

INDUSTRY ⌇ Makeup and Skincare

CONCEPT ⌇Affordable clean beauty products

Day 4

BRAND ⌇ Island Girl

INDUSTRY ⌇ Lifestyle & sustainability

TAGLINE ⌇”Underneath the palm trees”

PHOTOGRAPHY & INSPIRATION ⌇The lovely and always inspiring duo @elanaloo & @aaronhayes

Day 5 

BRAND ⌇ Illuminated Atelier

INDUSTRY ⌇Wellness & Woo

CONCEPT ⌇A fancy little crystal shop where you can pop in and get all the latest tools and crystals to bring you inner peace.

Day 6

BRAND ⌇ Arcilla Pottery Studio

INDUSTRY ⌇ Pottery Art

CONCEPT ⌇an in house studio where you can take classes on how to make pottery using a wheel or go in and stain pre-made pieces

TAGLINE ⌇ “Art you can use”

Day 7

BRAND ⌇ Smooch Hair + Beauty

INDUSTRY ⌇ Beauty Salon

CONCEPT ⌇a trendy full-service beauty salon where you can get glammed up without any worries.

Day 8

BRAND ⌇ Casa de las Flores Boutique Hotel

INDUSTRY ⌇ Hospitality

CONCEPT ⌇a trendy boutique hotel full of flowers at every turn

Day 9

BRAND ⌇ Confectionery Collective

INDUSTRY ⌇ Candy and Confections shop

CONCEPT ⌇ a super cute hole in the wall candy and confection store to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings

TAGLINE ⌇ “Satisfying your sweet tooth”

Day 10

BRAND ⌇ Hibiscus Juice Bar

INDUSTRY ⌇ Juicery, smoothies and bowls

CONCEPT ⌇a trendy eco friendly healthy juice bar where you can get an array of different juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls.

TAGLINE ⌇”Straight out of nature”

Which brand was your favorite? Let me know in the comments 🙂